Thursday, July 07, 2005

photo album

yup! also thinking of making a photo album, integrate it with xettieboard for the members to use, FOC!

i've done this for chino before, and i think chino is still using it right now, of course with a few of his modifications.

i should have keep all the works i've done last time. actually i did... just that the CD couldn't be read. *cry*

document deposition system

thinking of making a generic document deposition system. with comment and version updates.

actually i did this before for wolfmotel last time. they coded named it "trakboy". it was a asset (electronic format docs) management system.

maybe i can make one for public.

1st post!

the original xettieboard development has been moved to

from now on, i will update anything i do under the branding of xetronic labs into this blog. stay tuned!